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All the fun facts about USA Pet Resorts services: 

Leaving your dog with others can be stressful. But, knowing your pup is having a blast in the care of trained professionals can help to ease your mind. Our animal loving resort hosts at USA Pet Resorts® have the training and experience to provide your pup with their best resort experience. 

We understand that you have a lot of questions about our services, so we’ve provided answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. Check out our answers and reach out if you have additional concerns.

What is Day Club at USA Pet Resorts?

Day Club is USA Pet Resorts play-care for your pup, it is a chaperoned day of adventure for your
rowdy or lonely pup. We maintain a strict 10 pup to 1 resort host ratio during all times at
USA Pet Resorts, Day Club included. All of our resort hosts are educated on how to provide a safe
and engaging experience for all guests. Day Club offers socialization by mingling with our in-house
guests, free access to fresh water, and lots of attention from our resort hosts.

Day Club Guests

Get full run of the resort. Dogs can use the 2000 sq ft indoor play yard inside of the main Club House, which also has a place to snooze if needed. Resort guests also have full access of the
5000 sq ft exterior play yard, equipped with daybeds in the shade. Our outdoor play yard is safely located in between the Club House and the Bungalows.

What is a Resort Host?

A resort host is a fully trained person who watches and cares for your beloved fur baby, all staff is educated on animal’s behavior and is there to ensure safety and that love is given to your pet.

Do dogs like group play?

Every pup is different; this is why we insist on a meet & greet before making reservations for your dog at our resort. Some dogs enjoy more solitude, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t care for them. We welcome all personalities and can make accommodations accordingly.

Will my dog be safe at USA Pet Resorts? 

Safety is our top priority at USA Pet Resorts, we are here to guide and protect all of the beloved animals in our care. Even in the perfect environment, group play can result in minor playground incidents as with daycare for human children. Minor cuts and abrasions from spirited play time with friends is not unexpected because, dogs love to play and rough house around with one another, but they are always monitored by mindful resort hosts to insure it is friendly play. At all times pups are watched and interacted with by trained and caring staff, rarely injuries may occur but this is uncommon. No amount of supervision is able to guarantee the prevention of all injuries. We strive for a stress-free experience for every guest of the resort, all measures are in place to keep everyone happy and safe at all times.

What can I expect of my dog after staying at USA Pet Resorts?

With all of the excitement and adventures of a vacation, you can expect some of your pups to come home tired, resort lag is real. Each stay at our resort has a bunch of fun all rolled into each day, so dogs often come home and need a few days of downtime, much like people after a long time traveling. Our fitness goals for your pup can get them tuckered out. Extra zz are to be expected upon returning home but they will get back in to the normal rhythm in under 72 hours.

Does USA Pet Resorts take cats?

Yes, we offer a 3 tiered kitty condo for our feline friends.

What is the difference between The Club House Villas and The Bungalows?

The Club House is the main building on our Resort and has beautiful Villas that are the pick of the litter.  They are cage free rooms with glass doors and indoor courtyards.  These Villas are great for multiple dogs, or just the casual pampered K9. The Bungalows, are located in our annex building which is surrounded by to outdoor play yards as well as its own indoor air conditioned play room.  The Bungalows are fully climate controlled with heating and air conditioning.  All of the Bungalows are 5’x7’ with 6ft walls to provide plenty of privacy freedom to move around and get cozy. A sensible choice for our resort guests doesn’t mean any exclusion from our all-inclusive standard resort amenities; play, adventure, group fitness, and most of all love.

Will a Resort host sleep over at USA Pet Resorts?

The facility is staffed 24 hours a day, like all luxury resorts, so that our guests have the peace of mind that they deserve. Late night or early morning potty breaks for guest if needed, and they are there to comfort the occasional home-sick pup at night who just wants to howl at the moon. The overnight resort host will be able to quickly address any disturbances if needed in both buildings, but will maintain a peaceful and serene atmosphere to let all guest get the rest that they need. This resort host can also accommodate early morning/late night check-ins/out for Day Club or resorts guests.

Do all dogs need training?

Every dog and even more so every pup parent will benefit from some level of training. Because a well-trained canine is a dog for life. Manners, social skills, and verbal commands will keep your household harmonious, but most importantly it will keep your dog safe. Majority people take having basic verbal commands for granted, but these are achievable and approachable goals for dogs of any age, breed, or temperament. These can be utilized by the whole family to foster a win-win relationship with your furry friends.

Are aggressive dogs allowed at the Day Club or allowed to stay at the resort? 

Aggression levels of each dog will be assessed during the meet & greet process; to understand their level of confidence in group play or their ability to interact with humans that are new to them.  Aggressive dogs will never be mixed in with the group play.  But our trainers can work one on one with your aggressive dog, to help them regain confidence and social skills so that he/she can benefit from more interaction. An aggressive dog may be permitted to stay at resort under strict observation from a resort host for an addition fee.  Believe it or not aggression is almost always a sign that a dog truly lacks confidence, overcoming this is a goal that we are equipped to handle at USA Pet Resorts to help your dog live a more balanced life. 

Does USA Pet Resorts offer extended stays?

Yes, we do! Discounts start after 15 days.

What do I pack for my pet to stay at USA Pet Resorts?

We only accept the portion of food needed for your dogs’ stay at the resort, with up to 2 additional days’ worth to compensate for their high level of fitness while staying with us.  Please portion your dog’s food into an appropriately sized container with pet’s name clearly visible or in individual zipper bags for each day.  Please bring a secure and well-fitting collar along with a leash. Clothes or toys are not allowed.  Beds or blanket from home are accepted but are not guaranteed to return home in the same condition.  Sometimes during the adjustment period, doggies have been known to have a chew or two on their personal items. 

What if my dog doesn’t like group play?

We have several options for your reserved pup, we can offer you in home check-in services. Or, depending on availability that day we can offer a private room for a full Day Club at an additional fee if you prefer your pup to stay and relax with us, the resort day pass is not always possible depending on occupancy but let us know and we can do our best to get your pup taken care of. He/she will get a lot of human interaction with our resort hosts, fresh water, cuddles, and plenty of one-on-one play time. Our Resort hosts and trainers can make efforts with your pup to get them back into the group if that’s something you want, please let us know.

How do you care for elder pups, loners, and timid temperament dogs who don’t need all of the stimulation and fitness? 

Any dog can opt-out of group play, we have 8 separate spacious play yards to entertain guests on our 2 acre resort campus. All personalities and ages are welcome, we are here to tailor this resort experience to your needs. 

If you have any more questions please Contact Us and
a USAPR Agent will get back to you right away.