November 22, 2022

Foster to Furever Home Program

We at USAPR love dogs! We love dogs so much that we believe that they all deserve a fair shot at a furever home. We started our Foster to Furever home program in Spring, TX. before we even began taking paying guests. As we build our brand awareness in Texas, we couldn’t bear to leave this beautiful resort empty. We also know that donating our training expertise will help these abandoned animals settle into their new homes with more grace and dignity. Most people want to rescue a dog, but falling in love with a troubled pupper isn’t always easy. The first few weeks can make or break the relationship and that is why we are here to help, and act as a bridge.

We are happy to take on the daunting and sometimes sad task of going to the animal shelter and finding a doggo. We train them on the basics, which is usually what they need the most, especially if they were living on the street or worse, being dropped off by a family who couldn’t handle them. Dogs need a foundation of skills to thrive with humans. We love the underdog at USAPR. We bring them home (temporarily to live with us at the resort) to get them reacclimatized to a calm routine that incorporates adventure and interesting activities throughout their day. Most importantly, we get to know our foster baby very well. Learning a dog’s quirks and communicating those quirks to the new parentis in our opinion, essential for managing expectations. When people adopt a dog from us, we want them to match their dog in lifestyle as to avoid unexpected challenges at home, like mischief from the new housemate.

We ask that all members of the household visit with the pup to see if the feeling is mutual with everyone who will be a caretaker. It is a much calmer and controlled environment at USA PET RESORTS, so our pups can show their true face instead of panic and desperation to leave the shelter.

The transition takes a few weeks once the pup is in their new home, for them to feel fully secured, but bonding can happen a lot faster if they are accustomed to receiving regular affection. We offer these dogs basic training and we set expectations for them to mind their manners. We familiarize these dogs with walking on a leash, sleeping in their crate, mealtime etiquette, group play, sit, stay, and come commands as well as introducing them to swimming.

During the foster dog’s stay at USA PET RESORTS, we begin with case work for each dog. Case work involves actively looking for stressors to understand them and their individual limits in a safe loving environment. We check if they can swim to see if they are water safe. We test them by leaving them “unattended” in a room to see if they enjoy chewing or have separation anxiety. We offer toys, games, and playtime with trainers to see what environment brings out their best side. We do this to find an outlet for their energy and discover if they have bad habits so we can focus our training time on correcting them. We encourage them to train on the confidence course in order to build up their low pound puppy self-esteem, so they are a well-adjusted dog before they enter a new home. Also, this process allows us insights so that we can educate the new parents on the importance of this particular dog’s demands for boundaries and or exercise.

We know that a confident and well exercised pup is a calm and good-natured pup. Most breeds get discarded because they are “naughty”, but truly at the heart of the matter, most “naughty” dogs are just smart, curious, and interested in maximizing their energy levels. We take the time to run diagnostics on their personalities and attempt to find homes that will be a win-win.Another bonus of adopting our foster dog is that we provide a discounted in-home continued care and education program for the new owner on how to reinforce the behaviors/commands that we are instilling while we foster. Giving a special price of just $99 for the 2 Hour informative in-home explanation of the 3-Legged Stool Approach to training.  

We love to connect with our local community, and we love hearing and seeing updates on the dogs that come through our doors. Building lasting relationships is our top priority at USA PET RESORTS because at the end of the day relationships and community are what keeps this world a beautiful place.

USAPR mission statement

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