November 22, 2022

Mothers Day

Mind your mothers’ manners … Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers of the world.

We know you come in all shapes and sizes with all types of children, pups included. Often mothers are accused of being the one’s demanding manners from their children, and especially from their fur babies. Actually, everyone benefits from a well mannered K9. Jumping, rough play, play bites, barking, and whining to get their way all seem cute when our dogs are puppies but quickly turn to irritation as our dogs mature and grow larger.

We are sending a very confusing message to our dear babies, when they are young “it’s okay to be a wild child but now that you’re big it’s not okay”… our dogs don’t know their size. This is why grown Dobermans will try to curl up in our laps, and tiny Chihuahuas can often be seen barking up a storm at another dog (when in our eyes they wouldn’t stand a chance if their mark actually responded).  

Doggie manners are essential to foster a loving and harmonious relationship between all family members and their canines. Not every home will have an “alpha” type person in there to keep the dogs on their toes with just a grunt or a glare. This is why training is an excellent way to continue loving our big babies after their puppy breath wears off and we need to manage a million other important things in our households. USAPR Board & Train program is a great tool to use when your dog needs a hard reset or introduction to their manners.

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